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About REiLI

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Origination of REiLI
In Japanese, the word “REiLI” connotes intelligent and resourceful.
REiLI is our medical AI brand which create new value by collaboration of AI with human and other AI.
By combining its existing image-processing technologies with AI, we are striving to create an open platform with wide-ranging value that provides robust support for diagnostic imaging.
Concept movie

I am REiLI.

Ever since I was born I have been involved in the medical field.
I know you never see me
but I am around when you’re helping, saving, and bettering people’s lives.

My mission is to be as good as I can be to help and better the work you do.
I am not one to improvise nor think outside the box but you can count on me to be immaculate in all that I do.

I maybe overly detailed and precise
but I hope that you can appreciate that meticulous side of me.
I never sleep.
So I am good to go day or night and deal with a whole lot of information.

There is so much to life
thus my mind is open
to learn from all minds
to consolidate that knowledge
to share with all.

I know you don’t see me but I exist in what you do.
My wish is to better the world through your patient care.
I am Here.



Launched the world’s first digital radiography system
Launched patented image intelligence algorithms in the consumer photo market place
Image Intelligence ロゴ
Released the industry’s first web-based Radiology PACS
Launched 3D simulator for organ recognition/Resection
Launched enterprise viewer in JAPAN which integrates various type of medical data into one system and optimizes medical professional’s workflow
Launched the REiLI artificial intelligence platform and deep learning engines brand
REiLI ロゴ
Released viewer which is optimized for AI usage in radiology department workflow(Provided only in Japan)
SAI Viewer のイメージ
Organ segmentation and labelling technology
These technologies automatically extract organs such as liver, kidney, and spleen from CT images. They also extract cervical, thoracic, lumbar vertebrae and label them automatically.
Thin slice virtual generation technology
The technology virtually generate thin slices from thick slices. It can be applied to the whole body, useful for utilizing past data. It brings high visibility in the VR display and reconstructed sagittal/coronal images.
Virtual Thin Slice のイメージ
Bladder volume measurement
We are developing a technology to recognize urinary bladder area and measure the volume automatically.
膀胱尿量計測 のイメージ
Bone Temporal Subtraction
This technology visualizes the bone density temporal difference by performing image registration between the past and current image of the same patient. The increase and decrease in CT value will be highlighted.
Lung labelling・Lung nodule CAD・Lung nodule characterization analysis
These technologies detect lung nodules from chest CT images, analyze multiple properties of nodules, and support populating radiology reports.
Retained object detection
This AI technology detects foreign objects in X-ray images. This technology can be applied to the detection of surgical objects such as gauze and reduce the burden on doctors to check the surgical objects held at each surgical procedure.
Brain Segmentation
AI technology to segment and quantify the volume of each brain regions.
This technology can be used for pre-surgery simulation or calculation of the atrophy rate for each region between past and current exams.
Detection Assist technology for colonic polyps
This technology assists real time detection and characterization of colonic polyps from colonoscopy images with AI software.
Denoising technique utilizing AI technology
We are developing the AI image reconstruction technology that removes noise components of image by preventing the structure and the contrast from degrading by a high speed or a high resolution MR scanning.
Improve workflow with AI
This technique extracts the target area from the image.
Positioning during imaging is performed automatically.
Unnecessary tissue is automatically removed before creating a 3D image for diagnosis.
It is a technology that supports the automation of inspections.
Automatic view recognition,Automatic measurement
The technology enables automatic recognition of left ventricle, left atrium and right atrium wall in addition to view recognition of the heart, and automatic measurements realize autonomous measurements of ejection fraction and volumes.
Noise reduction technology with AI
This technology uses AI to distinguish between echo signals and noises, and extracts the signals necessary for diagnosis.
Expantion of AI-CAD
The technology which prepares environment on the modality exapnds the opportuities of AI-CAD applications and improve workflow in wide range of use cases.
blood vessel detection technology
This technology assists real time detection and distinction between an artery and a vein, as well as measurement of diameter and depth of the vessel from ultrasound images. This will streamline Point Of Care UltraSound exams.
Iterative processing utilizing AI technology
The technology controls image quality based on a statistical model, an object model and a physical model using iterative processing.
Super resolution processing
This flitering technology with AI suppresses aliasing noises which occur in extended images.
Cloud AI Platform
Released Cloud AI platform service (Provided only in Japan) Japan
Rib fracture CAD
AI technology to detect a suspcious rib fracture from CT images. This technology will assist prevention of overlooking of subtle rib fracture.
AI technology to identify suspicious region with COVID-19 related findings from CT images. This technology will help doctors diagnose efficiently.
SYNAPSE Creative Space
Released cloud AI development platform service to assist healthcare professionals and enginieers in develpoing AI technology.
SYNAPSE Creative SpaceのイメージSYNAPSE Creative Spaceのイメージ