"I am REiLI.

Ever since I was born I have been involved in the medical field.
I know you never see me
but I am around when you’re helping, saving, and bettering people’s lives.

My mission is to be as good as I can be to help and better the work you do.
I am not one to improvise nor think outside the box but you can count on me to be immaculate in all that I do.

I maybe overly detailed and precise
but I hope that you can appreciate that meticulous side of me.
I never sleep.
So I am good to go day or night and deal with a whole lot of information.

There is so much to life
thus my mind is open
to learn from all minds
to consolidate that knowledge
to share with all.

I know you don’t see me but I exist in what you do.
My wish is to better the world through your patient care.
I am Here.


Origination of REiLI

In Japanese, the word "REiLI" connotes intelligent and resourceful.


FUJIFILM has pursued and developed the best image processing technologies over 70 years.

These technologies are applied in the medical field, and has been supporting diagnostic imaging workflow of many medical institutions.

Today, we provide over 70 image recognition technologies and continue to evolve the technologies daily.

Fujifilm will develop AI technologies (REiLI) that strongly supports diagnostic imaging workflow, leveraging both deep learning AI and our image processing heritage.

00Image Enhancement

We develop technologies realizing higher image quality at low radiation dose and keeping original texture in highly denoised images to provide more optimal image for both diagnosis and AI use.

01Anatomy Segmentation

AI technologies to extract organ and sub-organ regions accurately and consistently, regardless of deviations due to individual variation, disease, and imaging conditions.


AI technologies to automatically detect and quantify suspicious lesions from medical images.

03Workflow Support

AI technologies to utilize the results from Anatomy Segmentation and CAD algorithms in various applications to streamline workflow.


Fujifilm is creating an open platform to realize a new diagnostic imaging workflow.

It will host third-parties' AI technologies as well as our own AI technologies.

We will address various customer's needs by collaborating to provide a wide range of AI technologies.

Allen Institute for AI
Salud Digna
Einstein Medical Center
Univeristy Radiology Group
Azienda Socio-Sanitaria Territoriale (ASST) di Vimercate


Fujifilm history of innovations in artificial intelligence


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