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Modality and Service
Denoising technique utilizing AI technology
We are developing the AI image reconstruction technology that removes noise components of image by preventing the structure and the contrast from degrading by a high speed or a high resolution MR scanning. As a result, the technology shortens the scan time with keeping the image quality, or improves the visibility of the image by improving the image quality.
Image EnhancementMRITRadiologyCardiologyGastroenterologyOrthopedics
Brain segmentation
AI technology to segment and quantify the volume of each brain regions.
This technology can be used for pre-surgery simulation or calculation of the atrophy rate for each region between past and current exams.
Anatomy SegmentationMRITRadiologyNeurology
Kidney segmentation
AI technology to extract each kidney and surrounding vessels from CT or MRI images assists volume calculation of renal and compare current and past results.
This technology can also precisely extract cystic kidneys, a genetic disease that is often difficult to extract due to the diversity of shapes, and assist diagnosis and treatment.
Anatomy SegmentationCTMRITRadiology
Knee joint analysis
This technology automatically extracts the femur, tibia, patella, cartilage, and meniscus from MRI images.
By measuring the thickness of the cartilage and the distance between the meniscus and tibia, it is possible to evaluate the condition of the knee joint without invasion.
Anatomy SegmentationMRITRadiologyOrthopedics
Improvement of workflow with AI
This technology extracts the target area from the image.
Positioning during imaging is performed automatically.
Unnecessary tissue is automatically removed before creating a 3D image for diagnosis.
It is a technology that supports the automation of inspections.
Workflow SupportMRITRadiology
Early diagnosis of dementia
The technology under development quantitative detection of slight brain volume loss and iron deposition in the early stages of dementia using hybrid analysis of QSM(Quantitative Susceptibility Mapping)and VBM(Voxel Based Morphometry)in MRI. This will assist the diagnosis of dementia.