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Modality and Service
Noise reduction technology with AI
This technology uses AI to distinguish between echo signals and noises, and extracts the signals necessary for diagnosis. This enables ultrasound systems to provide high-quality images even in difficult cases.
Image EnhancementUSRadiologyCardiologyGastroenterologyOrthopedics
Bladder volume measurement
We are developing a technology to recognize urinary bladder area and measure the volume automatically. It will make it possible to measure residual urinary easily, and support urination management at home medical care.
Anatomy SegmentationUSothers
Real-time Screening Assist
This technology highlights areas in the B-mode image where luminance characteristics are different from the surroundings
Automatic view recognition,Automatic measurement
The technology enables automatic recognition of left ventricle, left atrium and right atrium wall in addition to view recognition of the heart, and automatic measurements realize autonomous measurements of ejection fraction and volumes.
The measurement function are used very often in echocardiography exams. This AI technology assist to reduce inter- and intra-observer variability so that improve reproducibility and efficiency of exams.
Workflow SupportUSCardiology
Blood vessel detection technology
This technology assists real time detection and distinction between an artery and a vein, as well as measurement of diameter and depth of the vessel from ultrasound images. This will streamline Point Of Care UltraSound exams.
Workflow SupportUSothers