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Modality and Service
Bladder volume measurement
We are developing a technology to recognize urinary bladder area and measure the volume automatically. It will make it possible to measure residual urinary easily, and support urination management at home medical care.
Anatomy SegmentationUSothers
AI-CAD in modality
The technology which prepares environment on the modality to exapnd the opportuities of AI-CAD applications and improve workflow not only in hospitals, but also at point of care.
Blood vessel detection technology
This technology assists real time detection and distinction between an artery and a vein, as well as measurement of diameter and depth of the vessel from ultrasound images. This will streamline Point Of Care UltraSound exams.
Workflow SupportUSothers
Retained foreign object detection
This AI technology detects foreign objects in X-ray images. This technology can be applied to the detection of surgical objects such as gauze and reduce the burden on doctors to check the surgical objects held at each surgical procedure.
Workflow SupportDRothers
Prediction of clinical outcomes using inpatient data with pneumonia
We developed AI algorithms to predict clinically important outcomes using inpatient data with pneumonia aggregated throught our integrated medical care support platform system. This technology will assist preparing personalized medical documents and optimizing medical resources
Workflow SupportITothers