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Modality and Service
Brain segmentation
AI technology to segment and quantify the volume of each brain regions.
This technology can be used for pre-surgery simulation or calculation of the atrophy rate for each region between past and current exams.
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Highlighting areas of higher or lower signals by comparing left/right head CT images
This technology extracts high-signal and low-signal areas in head CT images by comparing the left and right sides of the brain region. Generally, high-signal and low-signal areas are used to evaluate the state of hemorrhage and ischemia in the brain for stroke diagnosis. This will assist the diagnosis of head CT imaging.
Automatic measurement of EvansIndex, corpus callosum angle, and MidlineShift
This technology automatically measures EvansIndex, corpus callosum angle, and MidlineShift from head CT. EvansIndex and corpus callosum angle are expected to support the evaluation of hydrocephalus and MidlineShift to evaluate head trauma.
Early diagnosis of dementia
The technology under development quantitative detection of slight brain volume loss and iron deposition in the early stages of dementia using hybrid analysis of QSM(Quantitative Susceptibility Mapping)and VBM(Voxel Based Morphometry)in MRI. This will assist the diagnosis of dementia.